Maricopa CARES

Maricopa Community Colleges are fully engaged in lifelong learning. Maricopa CARES, the District's Center for Adults: Resources, Education, and Services, assists interested colleges and serves students, employees, and the community in matters related to aging. Individual college programs are offered through traditional community education departments and faculty-led models, as well as through peer-directed membership organizations in which participants develop, market, and facilitate their own classes with the assistance of colleges.

Many colleges are interested in and responsible for mature adult programming throughout the District. The mission, through linkages with the wider community, is to serve as a model for cooperative educational networking by: discovering, creating, and sharing resources; supporting the development of accessible, quality education; and advocating senior adult programs. Maricopa CARES continually challenges the Maricopa Community Colleges to enhance and promote personal growth within our diverse populations through lifelong learning opportunities. Maricopa CARES seeks to:

  • Establish an ongoing financially-sound basis for mature adult programming throughout the District through regular budget lines and District operating funds. Maricopa CARES will pursue opportunities for supplemental funds from external sources.
  • Establish all elements of a rewarding learning environment based on identified needs and interests, including safe and accessible physical facilities, utilization of available technology, and alternative delivery methods.
  • Reach all seniors residing in the community who have unmet learning needs and interests.
  • Provide quality programming in response to the needs and interests of older adults residing in the community. Quality programming is timely, flexible, and accessible; available through a variety of delivery methods; and evaluated on a regular basis.
  • Identify, showcase, and utilize the valuable resources embodied in older adults in a manner that is beneficial to senior adults, the colleges and the district, and the community at large.
  • Develop and participate in public and private partnerships that will improve quality of life and enhance the ability of the colleges and the District to serve the community.
  • Represent the interests of older adults, the colleges, and the District through a variety of media as it endeavors to fulfill its mission.